SMART Indicator

Handy size indicator now in aluminum housing, perfect for many different types of jobs, as testing in the field and weighing where no power supply is available, can also show low and high peak value  


Professional  hand held Indicator which can be used for many different kind of Load Cells, Pressure Transducers, Torque Transducers and so on !!

Standard with Data Logger function & interface to PC.

Up to 7 different Transducers can be connected so the Instrument can recognize which transducers you connect to, and use the preset calibration values for every single transducer.

Can also be supplied as Wireless unit or as a super  fast unit with conversion up to 19kHz & with an extra input for encoder.


STAR Brochure    WISTAR Brochure









  VT120 OIML R76 Approved 

    VT120 with rechargeable batteries for approx 75 hours usage



For connection to DFI Indicator   








PC software 







SC MIN LCD OIML R76 Approved 

 SC MIN LCD  with rechargeable batteries + many interesting options   




Indicator used for high accurate dynamometers type DNA




 DNA  can also be equipped for compression load 


GR5 Dynamometer

Robust dynamometer supplied in ranges from 500kg (1000 lb) to 9.5ton =20000 lb Supply include also shackles and remote zero setting.

Betjening DK


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