Instrument for linear transducers or counting pulses / RPM 

elap model CM78 Microprocessor Counter Display

Combined to appropriate transducers ( encoders, wire transducers or  linear transducers ) CM78 solves all problems tied to counting and displaying of length/position or thickness measures, as well as of machined pieces number, which can arise on any type of manufacturing machine.

CM78 can be delivered with different types of software versions, depending of type of job, and type of transducer .




  • 6 figures displayed or 5 with negative sign
  • 24 or 110 or 220 VAC supply
  • Count input for NPN open collector signals
  • analogue input models for linear transducers
  • 40 kHz direct count max. frequency
  • 2 normally-open relay outputs, 3 A max., 220V
  • 2 auxiliary inputs
  • decimal number select
  • pulse correction factor input
  • serial RS232 or RS485 ( optional )
  • data storage in EEPROM memory
  • removable terminal box connections.

    .pdf brochure in Danish !

    .pdf brochure in  English !

    CM78 can be supplied with a large number of different function programs depending of the use,
    here is shown one of these programs as pdf file

      Program H1S.017 manual

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