Signal Amplifier / filtering electronics unit, with 4…20mA and 2 wire current loop output

Features NV6a


The NV6a is used for excitation, for filtering, and for standardization of the different SEIKA sensors output signals. The 4..20mA output signal permits a problem-free signal transfer to measurement equipment such as an oscilloscope, AD-cards in PC’s, or to other OEM equipment.

Even with large changes at the unit power supply, the NV6a will act very stable both for offsetting the sensors zero point and on supplying a stable 4..20mA current output linear to the sensors working range.


The NV6a is used everywhere where a SEIKA sensor should be combined with a user-specific demand for high voltage output / special wishes for filtering of the sensor signal, plus where a non-stabilized 8….30VDC supply can be an advantage for the system.

For 0..5VDC output please have a look at NV8a

For +/-4VDC output the NV4a is the correct solution.

Technical Data

Dimensions Please se drawing
Supply voltage +8...+30Volt (protected against polarity reversal to -70Volt)
Current consumption without Sensor app.2mA
Working temperature -40...+85C
Sensor supply +5,00 Volt
Sensor supply-temp. drift 2ppm / Kelvin
Max. Loop current App. 24m
Active measuring range equal to sensor range 4…20mA
Signal zero point 12mA
Off-set range US_offset 2,3 ...2,7 Volt (larger for e.g. B1 in Z-direction)
Excitation area with ref. to a loop current of 12+/-8mA US_offset+/-100mV, US_offset+/-300mV ( on request)
Max. Load impedance at nominal 24VDc supply app.500 W
Noise value on power supply 30Vs.s.
Signal audio-frequency noise at standard sensor >65dB
Frequency range 0...10Hz, 0...200Hz, 0...1kHz + others as custom wishes
Electrical connections Pin connectors 2,54mm, length 5,7mm, 0,63mm gold plated
optional: Soldering pads



Pin connections

Caution ! Sensor-GND and NV6a-GND (both on same potential) must be isolated from the current-loop ! In case of multiple axes (e.g. in SW3) all sensors grounds/housings must be isolated from each other. Especially consider in the case of an order: Sensor internally isolated for combination with NV6a" !
This does not apply for the other types of amplifiers (NV4a, NV8a ) with VOLTAGE OUTPUT !

Since the supply voltages for the NV6a and the sensor are obtained from the current loop and both together require max. 3mA, an input voltage of min. 8Volt must be supplied to the NV6a. This is also required in order to guarantee correct operation when the highest loop current of approx. 24mA is used.

print out .pdf brochure on NV6a

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