High Performance Inclinometer with very high accuracy and integrated 0 to 5 Volt excitation electronics.

NGU Sensor models with working  ranges of :

NG2U ±10 degrees NG2u Now also as  ±5º

NG3U ±30 degrees NG3u Now also as  ±20º

NG4U ±80 degrees  

NG4U Now also as  ±45º & ±60º



The inclination sensors NG2U, NG3U and NG4U are capacitive liquid based sensors with integrated sensor and excitation electronics.
The thermal drift of the primary sensor is further compensated by an electronic equalization of the temperature.
An integrated highly stable voltage regulator makes it possible to supply the inclinometer from any unregulated supply or battery as low as +8V and up to +30VDC. 
The measuring principle assures a linear angle output with 0..5VDC calibrated to equal the measuring range of the sensor. (Maximum range is ±80 degree with NG4U)     The measuring time constant can be ordered with longer response times as an option!


The NGU series is well suited for industrial use where high accuracy, long term stability, and high voltage outputs are desired in environments that experience large temperature changes and where non stable supply voltages are present.

For applications where 2 axis inclination is useful please refer to our SB2G box. Where both zero and gain adjustment is desired, both the SB1U and SB2G can be recommended.

These NGU series inclinometers have been used with very good results in the mining industry, food industry, bridges, agriculture machinery, process machinery, 
transport systems and vehicle tilt for weighing systems, plus many other applications as well as OEM systems.




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