Windmills Vibration - acceleration measuring

SEIKA BDK Series Accelerometers

BDK are the perfect solution for measuring vibrations in windmills, for use in connection with safety control systems.

Due to the fact, that the BDK series are a dynamic accelerometer which can measure vibrations and acceleration without influence of static acceleration/gravity, this is perfect for windmills, and other similar jobs where inclination normally have a big influence on the acceleration signal.

SEIKA BDK Series can be delivered in 2 types of housing !

Stainless steel housing.

Nickel-plated brass housing.


BDK2: +/- 2g, 0.2...200Hz
BDK3: +/- 3g, 0.5...300Hz
BDK10: +/-10g, 1...800Hz
BDK100: +/-100g, 1...1.500Hz
Typical applications is :
[Bullet] Vibration in Windmills .
[Bullet] Stress control.
[Bullet] Crash tests.
[Bullet] Process controls.
[Bullet] Safety measurements.
[Bullet] General vibration measurements of machines.

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Supplied in all Nordic countries by Nordisk Transducer Teknik Denmark