Accelerometers Type BD...BDK


 Acceleration Sensors with very high overload resistance and integrated sensor electronics for high-level output at Frequencies from 1Hz to 1,5 kHz


Special features

  • very high overload resistance
  • choice of housing style
  • low weight
  • linear frequency response over the entire working range
  • minimal resonance Peaking at corner frequencies
  • lower frequency border limit, interesting particularly on BDK..
  • high Signal to noise ratio( in particular BD..)
  • hermetically sealed
  • very low cross-axis interference
  • high long-time stability
  • integrated sensor electronics
  • very low power consumption ( in particular BD..)
  • low-impedance signal output
  • galvanic isolated sensor electronics from the housing as option
  • long connection leads are possible





This series of dynamic accelerometers BD3, BDK3, BD10, BDK10, BD100, BDK100 are capacitive spring-mass based, with incorporated sensor electronics. Resonance peaks are minimized by means of an special gas-dynamic damping in the primary transformer.

The sensor electronics requires a very low power consumption, and is characterized by very low drift and long-term stability.


The accelerometers BD3, BDK3, BD10, BDK10, BD100, BDK100 are used where dynamic acceleration measurement is required from very low frequencies without the influence of static acceleration. High overload resistance and long-term stability are also looked at as a positive part of the job.

Typical applications are:

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