Inclinometer type N2 - N3 - N4


 Small size Inclinometers for measuring in the ranges of ±10, ± 30 and ± 70 Degree

With non-amplified output / or digital pulse output.

Typical OEM  low cost product .



The inclination sensors N2, N3 and N4 are capacitive liquid based sensors with integrated sensor electronics. These sensors can be supplied with an analog DC output or with an digital impulse-width modulated output signal that is linear to the degree of angle. The power consumption of these sensors are very low ( approx. 1mA )

The measuring principle assures a linear angle output equal to the measuring range of the sensor with a maximum range of ±70 degrees on N4 ! This is independent of the size of gravity at the measuring point, so it doesn’t matter if you are in Europe, Australia or even on the moon the angle of inclination is measured correctly everywhere.


The N series are well suited for industrial use where the demands for compact inclinometers with good long-term stability and relatively large tilt angle measuring ranges are wanted.

These N series inclinometers have been used with very good results in the medical industry, food industry, agriculture machinery, cranes, process machines, transport systems, and for vehicle tilt monitoring, plus many other applications. They are commonly used as OEM sensors combined with OEM electronics.


Dimensions and Connections

Caution ! Do not reverse the operating voltage polarity !

6 Volts is the maximum supply voltage !

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