Signal Amplifier / filtering electronics including an 0…. 5 Volt DC output



The NV8a is used for excitation, for filtering and for standardization of the different of SEIKA sensors output signals  

The asymmetrical output signal permits a problem-free signal transfer to measurement equipment as an oscilloscope, transient recorders, AD-cards in PC’s or to other OEM equipment.

Even with a high range of changes at the power supply to the unit, the NV8a will act very stable both for off-setting of the sensors zero point and on supplying an stable 0…5VDC output linear to the sensors working range.


The NV8a is used everywhere where a SEIKA sensor should be combined with a user-specific demand for high voltage output / special wishes for filtering of the sensor signal, plus where a non-stabilized 8…30VDC supply can be an advantage for the system.

For 4…20mA output please have a look at NV6a

For +/-4VDC output the NV4a is the correct solution.

Technical Data

 Dimensions Please se drawing
Supply voltage +8...+30Volt (protected against polarity reversal to -70Volt)
Current consumption without Sensor app.10mA
Working temperature -40...+85C
Sensor supply +5,00 Volt
Sensor supply-temp. drift 20ppm / Kelvin
Max. Output voltage 2,5 2 Volt


Active measuring range equal to sensor range +0,05 … +4,95 Volt
Off-set range 2,4 ...2,6 Volt (larger for e.g. B1 in Z-direction)
Output impedance app.100 W
Noise value on power supply 30Vs.s.
Signal audio-frequency noise at standard sensor app.80dB
Frequency range 0...10Hz, 0...200Hz, 0...2kHz + others as custom wishes
Electrical connections Pin connector 2,54mm, length 5,7mm, 0,63mm gold plated
optional soldering pads



Caution !Do not short-circuit the operating voltage(8 to 30V) with output signal

No problems with GND – all on the same Potential, also in case of increased axes systems! The sensor operating voltage is +5V/max.10mA can also be (because of the very high accuracy) used as voltage

reference to connected electronics, e.g. OPV or ADC electronics.


Print out data ! Nv8a.pdf


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