Static Accelerometers Type B1...B2…B3 

 Accelerometers with integrated electronics for acceleration measurement in the frequency range from Zero to several 100 Hz

Special features



B1, B2, B3 are capacitive spring mass accelerometers with integrated sensor electronics. Resonant peaks are minimized by means of an special gas-dynamic damping in the primary transformer.

The sensors can be supplied with an analogous DC output, a digital pulse-width modulated signal or a frequency modulated output. The sensor electronics requires only a very low power consumption and is characterized by a high degree of long-term stability.


The acceleration sensors B1, B2, B3 are typically used where, high overloading occur, high long-term stability are needed, where a very low frequency near to static signal are required and where very short rise-time and small power consumption is required.

Typical applications are:

  Dansk information vedr. DC / statisk acceleration

   Frequency 1, B1

   Frequency 2, B1


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